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Quantum entanglement and collective unconscious. Physics and metaphysics of the universe. New interpretations.

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Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli worked respectively in the field of psyche and in that of matter. These two sectors are considered absolutely incompatible with each other. In fact, scientific materialism denies the existence of every psychic component in the known universe.

Despite the enormous distance between their disciplines, the two scientists established a collaboration that lasted more than twenty years. During that time they never stopped looking for a "unifying element", able to reconcile, on a scientific level, the reasons of the psychic dimension with those of the material dimension.

Unfortunately, they did not achieve this goal in their lifetime, but they were prophets of a new scientific interpretation of the universe. In fact, the evolution of knowledge in the field of quantum physics, and above all the experimental confirmations of phenomena such as quantum entanglement, re-evaluate their theories. Today the idea of a universe that is not divided into "material objects" strongly emerges. The universe is not divided but consists of a unique reality, made of spirit and matter. This is the reality that Jung and Pauli called "Unus mundus". Matter and psyche have equal dignity and contribute together to the existence of the universe.

The "Cenacle" is a place of knowledge and study. We believe it is the most suitable environment to resume work from the point where Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli interrupted them.

We can say that, today, scientific news ennobles their research and projects them towards even more daring interpretations than they had imagined.

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychotherapist, well known for his theories on the collective unconscious and synchronicity. Pauli is one of the fathers of quantum physics. On Pauli we can say that in 1945 he received the Nobel Prize for his studies on a basic principle of quantum mechanics, known as the "Pauli Exclusion Principle".



Let's start with everyone's experience. The strange coincidences.

Coincidences and synchronicity.

Carl Jung and the collective unconscious

The meeting of Jung and Pauli.

What evidence do we have? Denialist materialism.

Quantum physics and the Bohr-Einstein diatribe.

Confirmation of the entanglement.

Entanglement and collective unconscious.

The observer determines the behavior

The "Global Consciousness".

The extrasensory perceptions in a psychic universe.

Synchronicities occur at the right time

The great synchronicity we are experiencing.

Why "Cenacolo Jung Pauli"??

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